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Lirad alarm and Communications Marketing  Ltd

There's nothing like the feeling of calm and confidence, knowing that the alarm system protects your family at any time.

Whether it is an alarm system, security cameras or smart access control, Lirad gives
 you all the most advanced solutions, accompanied by the best service ...
Discover a world of security ...


fire alarm systems that combine unmatched reliability, quality control, with an emphasis on excellence, installed in various facilities in Israel, such as public institutions, educational institutions, military institutions and government buildings

Fire Alarms

Alarm systems wired and wireless world's most advanced production Visonic, Risco, PIMA, Crow and others. A wide range of internal and external sensors suitable for all systems

Alrams systems


Intercom systems

Lirad wide range of intercom systems and entry control. Intercom systems shared houses, private homes, public buildings and institutions. Entry control systems, intercom systems, integrated TV

Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras have become an integral part of home and office. in Lirad company you can find a wide range of security cameras and recording systems, such as Provision-isr and Hikvision. In addition, Lirad also imports a large variety of high quality security cameras and in an affordable price installer
Come be part of our family and enjoy a professional and reliable service, family treatment and uncompromising experience ...

We at Lirad willing to provide the service and the best professionalism towards our customers. As part of the family you will Enjoy professional service, reliable, warm and mutual cooperation based on trust

As an installer that belongs to our family, you can enjoy professional training throughout the year, cooperation with the all manufacturers and suppliers in the field.

Come be a part of our family and be a professional installer  in the field

Come be part of our family

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